Friday, March 1, 2013


My writing is powered by different things and today's piece is powered by J claiming that I only get love where I go, because I have a big booty. For all of those pumping silicone into their asses, let me just let you know that having a big booty is the equivalent to being the girl in school that developed early. J never stopped to think that maybe I got ahead so fast, because I am smart, I am hard working, and ambitious. No it's because I have a big booty. *rolls eyes*

 He laughed Nobody cares about
 What you have to say
All they see in you Is your backside
It's your best side
It's how you got ahead
So fast
But what he doesn't see
Is I'm more than
A derriere
Fitted in Herve Ledger
I create mental
Orgasms with words
Giving feelings
Never felt before
Painting elaborate pictures
With words
I mother two futures
Caring for them
With a gentle but firm
Nature I work hard
Sunrise Sun up
So much more
Than my backside
Which isn't my
Best side
In the galaxy of
Me Sorry That is all that you see

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