Thursday, January 6, 2011

And It Keeps Getting Better

Today has been another day covered in awesome! The highlights:

  • Went to a showing of a townhouse today!!! I loved it! It's a little dated and it has no dishwasher, but I would be giving up a dishwasher and gaining a.......BACKYARD!!!! I have not had a backyard since I lived with my parents. I am visioning myself on the patio in the summer drinking wine and cooking out. Did I mention there is a fireplace???? Yes!!! I want to boo-love in front of the fireplace!!!!! Hardwood floors!!! So I am debating if I am ready to give up my apartment and take this step....I am gonna sleep on it.
  • Work is going awesome! I am blessed that this time around I have a supervisor that understands when my child is sick and I don't get a lot of grief when I take off
  • The Lexapro is kicking in and the gift/curse side effect is loss of appetite. The gift? I am going to lose a nice amount of weight. The curse? It's like being pregnant--you know you need to eat but NOTHING seems remotely good. Ugh.....
Well I am off to bed, I am going on the ships tomorrow and I am sure it's gonna be a party with Aunt Flow showing her ugly head.....xoxoxo!


  1. We gave up a dishwasher for a yard where we are now, and I can't lie...I MISS IT! LOL! But, that's mostly because I am horrible about not doing dishes daily, and letting them pile up. My suggestion, stay on 'em if you ain't got a dishwasher! :-) Good luck, girl!

  2. Thanks Christy!! I decided to just forgo having a dishwasher, I grew up in a house where we weren't allowed to use one, so I will get Having my own yard, a bathroom that guest can use, and a bigger kitchen won me over!

  3. LOL! Good for you! Yeah, I've learned to live with it, but there are days I wish I could just fill up the dishwasher and walk away! :-) Move on and move up, girl!! :-)