Monday, January 31, 2011

You Got A Picasso In Your House!!!!

Shello my dearies!!! It has been a minute, as I have been in the middle of a move and Verizon has been playing reindeer games with my Internet installation. Luckily today I was able to jump on someone else's connection until tomorrow. After spending half an eternity on the phone with Verizon they promised my phone and Internet would be connected by 10am tomorrow. It better be, or I am gonna act up. And I am gonna want a credit on my bill.

The move was good. This time it was a three man crew and they were a lot more polite than the poor man's Dave Chappelle that managed my move that Monday. He reminded me of Chapelle's Leonard Washington character. I was able to put my bed together, paint two rooms, make a massive shopping trip to Target and get 3/4ths of the house unpacked in 8 hours. Not too bad.

Can I just express how much I LOVE this townhouse? I don't think I could live in another apartment without feeling some kind of way. You know what I like the best? The space I have away from The Goons. I love my kids but in that apartment we were all on top of each other. You couldn't go anywhere in the house without being near another person. I also love the fact that I only have to walk to my driveway to take the trash out. No scary trips to the dumpster! We are getting settled in and looking forward to the warmer weather so we can have some fun in the backyard.

You know what's next: Men. Or as like to refer to them "Those weird creatures with penises". The Friend did not make the move with us (even though some of his stuff did), and he has not been here since. He said he was coming, but right now I can't call it. But I will tell you this, the absence of his presence has given me a lot to think about. Friday night, I was enjoying a glass of moscato and watching The Social Network and I was looking at the scenes where they were using algorithms and writing programs. For my long time readers, you will remember that a 25 year old Victoria Page was at Bippity Boppity Boo University (nice local college) working on her Computer Science degree and part of that was C++ programming class. I remember many Saturdays waking up at 8 am to write a program and not finishing until 12 midnight. I wrote all kinds of little programs, calculating taxes, averaging grades, alphabetizing names, etc. It may seem small but if you pull the codes you will see it's a lot of writing and it can be intensive because you have to know what to put where. Anyways, I say this because my sister lectured me about dating beneath myself. She pointed out that I should be dating a WHOLE different caliber of man and I am not. This is when I realized, she is RIGHT. I am not a dumb broad. I WRITE COMPUTER PROGRAMS!!! This feeling was equivalent to when Squire told New-New to smarten up because she had a "Picasso in her house!". I have a Picasso in my house and I have been so busy trying to be something else that I forgot that yeah, I have some brains in my head. So, no long will I be intimidated of men with conversation that goes beyond the new Gucci CD, or what happened at The Club.

I think we have all established and acknowledged that I love sex. Soooooo what do you when you love to talk about the sexy time? Have a Tasteful Treasures Party!!! It was my second night in the new house and I invited some friends over via Facebook and let me tell you, it was a blast! We drank mimosa, took jello shots, played games, and talked about EVERYTHING in that catalog. The best part of the night was who the guest were. I had three people show up that I had not seen in 10 plus years. Yes! Isn't Facebook wonderful? It was awesome to see them! Hollywood came bearing a new kind of Moscato....that knocks that nasty Sutter Home out of the box! It was good to see her too because we haven't had a chance to hang out in a long time. It was a really good time. For once as an adult I didn't feel so socially awkward.

Well, it looks like things are starting off pretty good this year. I am just going to keep pushing for that happiness....I'll be fine once I get it....I'll be good....xoxoxo!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heaven Must Feel Like This

Ooooo Weeeeee! So much to go over, so let's get to it! The highlights:

  • So I decided to pick the townhouse, and I am officially moving in next week! I was going to move in this Saturday, but I think that is going to be too much of a rush trying to get water and sewage and all that jazz together, and plus this gives me more time to pack.
  • Speaking of packing....I hate it. Tonight I headed to Target to buy some contractors bags to just throw away a lot of junk I have accumulated.
  • A lot of stuff from this apartment is not coming with me. The first thing to go is this mattress. Why? It has too many memories. I want a fresh start, and it starts with this mattress. I have had it for three years and I have tested it with 4 people, all of them I would like to forget.
  • Can I express how happy I am to decorate? I am amped up to have the freedom to paint (in neutral colors) and decorate the way I want to. Can we say Direct TV?
  • Work is going good...nothing to report there. I am excited to be getting dental insurance after not having it for the last 7 months.
  • Things with me and The Friend have just broken completely down. I think he might be seeing someone else.
  • There is someone showing me a little interest. Right now we just talk through a few different mediums, nothing really but a friendship, but I am liking it because it gives me someone to talk to. I know one thing: If it goes "that" way, I am going reaaaaaallllly slow this time.
  • Speaking of going slow, I know I joke around about being celibate, but I think that is going to be the move. I went to a Tasteful Treasures party on Saturday and I have a catalog full of reason that I don't need to be doing the "do".
  • I am stepping out tomorrow night! I am going to happy hour downtown.....not staying out too late, just need to be out of the house and socialize with people other than my children
To sum it up, Pursuit of Happiness 2011 is going really well. I am happy where my life is going. Even though the year started off really bad, it looks like things are looking up! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Facts of Life are All About You......

Well, the votes are in and the numbers were not on my side! I have come to the conclusion that I can't cook. Yeah, I know I can make hot wings, fried chicken, and spaghetti. But anything other than Tonight The Friend was supposed to cook a dinner of baked pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom, steamed broccoli, and white rice. Well, he was tired or whatever *insert side eye* and I decided to get all "I am woman, hear me roar" and cook it myself. FAIL. For some reason, I have a problem with seasoning my food. Either it is incredibly salty or incredibly bland. Tonight, the food was on the bland side. I seasoned the chops with adobo, seasoning salt, salt, and pepper. It tasted like paper. What in the sam sausage am I doing wrong? xoxoxoxo!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Change, A Change.....

Happy Saturday Lovies!!!! Today was sheer awesomeness...I made a little money this morning, took Miss Beasley to get her hair done, and I got to hang out with The Mama. The Mama is the mama in the world....she saw that I was not feeling so good about myself (I have not had my brows waxed or nails done in 2 months) and she offered to treat me to getting my nails done and brows waxed. I must say, I feel A LOT better. The motto is true, "Look Good and Feel Better". After we left the nail salon, my tire flattened. The Mama used her Triple A to get my spare tire put on. I am not trippin, because the tires for my new car are a lot cheaper than the tires for the old one.

So, what is Miss Vickie Page up to tonight? I am putting the kids to bed early, getting some laundry knocked out and then "sippy sippy" I am getting organized since my move out date is coming up. This week I am going to start breaking out the boxes. I have been scouring websites for ideas on how to make this move as smooth as possible....if anyone knows any let me know! Nite Nite! xoxoxox

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sexy Song of the Night....

Shouts out to my homegirl Sheila Mac for turning me on to this song........

And That's With NO Makeup On!!!!

It's another beautiful day at work! Sooooo let me tell you what happened to me this morning!!!! Picture it, navy base, and I am headed back to the connex box after making a run to McDonald's. I hear a voice call out behind me, "Miss, I know you." Now, y'all know I was making the stank face before turning around because isn't that ALWAYS the line? That is to pull you further in conversation and then you realize you don't know this person and they sure as hell don't know you. THIS was different. I turned around and saw this handsome sailor in his blue fatigues and I was searching for something in his face that looked familiar. He said, 'Your name is Victoria!" And then I was like, "Yes!! And you are....." and he said, "MiddleSchoolCrush!" (y'all know I don't use real Yoooooooooooooo.......can I just break down for a minute how I used to get my 12 year old LIFE from this guy?????? In the 6th grade, he was my sun, moon, and stars! Every slow jam, every angst-filled Boyz II Men song was dedicated to MiddleSchoolCrush. I remember having art class with him in the 7th grade, and I don't remember a damb thing that happened in that class except for the fact he sat beside me and I spent the entire time staring at his wave pattern. You talk about someone in love? I LURVED him. But, by the 8th grade I moved on to other teen aged angst and by high school (we went to different ones) he was a distant memory. Now fast forward 16 years later. I will say, the years have been VERY kind to MiddleSchoolCrush. He has gotten a little bigger (haven't we all?), but in that "I-lift-weights" kind of way, and you know I have already stalked his facebook page (don't judge) and yeah...he's official....when I was leaving the pier he told me to "inbox" him and I was doing the "running man"--internally. I have never smiled so hard in all of my life time. It was like 12 year old Vicky Page was living out all her dreams. So to all my little "ugly ducklings" (yup, I was one) waiting to turn into "swans" remember that dreams do come it 16 minutes or 16 can happen! Sooooo, my real question is what is the protocol? How long to I wait until I "inbox" him? I don't want to seem all 1992 with it....I think I will wait until tonight.....just enough time he doesn't think I just got back to work and said "eff my job, I gotta inbox MiddleSchoolCrush!" So now I wait...and look at his pictures on Facebook....xoxoxo!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

And It Keeps Getting Better

Today has been another day covered in awesome! The highlights:

  • Went to a showing of a townhouse today!!! I loved it! It's a little dated and it has no dishwasher, but I would be giving up a dishwasher and gaining a.......BACKYARD!!!! I have not had a backyard since I lived with my parents. I am visioning myself on the patio in the summer drinking wine and cooking out. Did I mention there is a fireplace???? Yes!!! I want to boo-love in front of the fireplace!!!!! Hardwood floors!!! So I am debating if I am ready to give up my apartment and take this step....I am gonna sleep on it.
  • Work is going awesome! I am blessed that this time around I have a supervisor that understands when my child is sick and I don't get a lot of grief when I take off
  • The Lexapro is kicking in and the gift/curse side effect is loss of appetite. The gift? I am going to lose a nice amount of weight. The curse? It's like being pregnant--you know you need to eat but NOTHING seems remotely good. Ugh.....
Well I am off to bed, I am going on the ships tomorrow and I am sure it's gonna be a party with Aunt Flow showing her ugly head.....xoxoxo!

How To Be Celibate For An Entire Year « Thought Catalog

How To Be Celibate For An Entire Year « Thought Catalog

I found this very informative, as I am starting my celibacy thing all over again in 2011....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love this song.....shout out to my ex-husband....I can't love you this much...I can't love you this much....your phone accidentally called me back and I heard the whole thing......


Some awesome things have happened today:
  • I had my child support hearing today! Now, lets see if he actually pays
  • Miss Beasley's dad has been held in contempt for not paying his child support....I have finally got somewhere in that battle!
  • Aaaaaaaannnnnnndddd finally, my friend Sam who is stationed all the way in Italy, gave me the best belated Christmas present ever....THE PURPLE TAPE!!! My original purple tape was stolen in 1995 and I never knew that it would become such a classic. Getting that in the mail made my day!
The Friend is still here....we crack some jokes on the here and there and I can't front, he has been keeping Chunky all smiles while he's been,

Off to do a little Jillian's 30 day Shred and make dinner! xoxoxo!

Making Lemonade......

This day is starting off really eventful.....Chunky woke up this morning with a 104 fever. He has had an ear infection since Monday and I was under the impression that the antibiotics would make it better. So, today, I am working from home and letting him rest.

I am seriously thinking about deactivating my facebook. It has turned into over there. Does anybody know how to block people who are not your friends from sending you messages? If I get one more, "Hey Ma, I'd like to get to know you" message I am gonna throw my computer into the street and jab myself in the eye with a hot poker. Speaking of facebook hook ups, please tell my mama to stop suggesting men I should add. She came to my house last night to show me the profile of a man that is the son of one of her high school classmates. This man violated all of my He had no shirt on in his profile pic and he was posed on top of a car (probably belongs to someone else.), he had 3,561 friends who are mostly female and he did not have an occupation(he didn't have any occupation listed at all) that warranted him having that many female friends. I can spot this kind of brother a mile away. He has no job, lives on facebook all day just adding females, trying to holler. I told my Mama no thanks, I have enough issues. She countered back that he went to Georgia State. Poor naive Mama.....I could put on Facebook that I graduated from Harvard and it may not be true....nobody is checking that.

In 2011, I have decided that I need to learn how to cook more than spaghetti and fried chicken. I found a cooking blog via Dr. Baby Sister called Divas Can Cook. I am looking forward to turning out some really good food and exposing my children to something new. Last night I made my first ever greek salad. Not bad at goal is to stop eating out as much as I do, so if I can make my favorites at home then there is no need to go out all the time.

Well, I have a sick baby on my hand, who's Advil has kicked in and he is dumping my purse on the floor......and I wouldn't have it any other way.....xoxoxo!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Never Underestimate The Power of the Groupie

Oooooh....I found out one of you readers told "The Friend" about my blog....smh. I guess....I hope you got what you wanted out of telling him...anywho....

I can please state that this week has been CRAZY! Chunky has his first ear infection and he is miserable...I think I am coming down with something, but you know Mamas don't get sick.

I have decided not to renew my lease where I am living. It is time for a fresh start. I de-cluttered a lot of my house trying to get that fresh start, but I just need a change of scenery. I have a viewing of a condo close to my current location tomorrow, so lets hope that goes well. Hell, it's time for me to have a

Today I finished doing my taxes (yeah I start early)......this will be my first year since 2005 that I will not have to break bread with anyone when I get my income tax back. Last year, I spent a lot of money on the ex-hubby since we were reconciling and all that. This year, I am hoarding that money!!!!! I am paying my bills and that is the long and the short of it.....oh wait, and I am getting a living room set. It's about time. The one I have is used furniture I got when I first moved in's time for something else...I am thinking a sectional.

Well, today has worn me out...time to put these goons to bed and carry my tail to sleep....xoxoxo!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Words......

In 2011 the phone and fb inbox have been popping again and I would like to send a disclamer for any man/or woman that thinks they want a shot let me get this out of the way: I'm celibate. See how have he wack ones scatter. I tried it today:

Him: Kisses
Me: Yeah
Him: I miss that pound cake (code word for my ass)
Me: How have you been?
Him: Good just wanting some pound cake
Me. I'm Celibate

See, hat conversaition could have just gone all over the place had I now decided in the words of Nene Leakes to "Close my legs to men", As much as I love sex, I am not a hoe so the quantity is not my concern. The quality is my concern, and latley I feel like if I keep on going I am just trying for quantitity. Plus this is a good tool to help filter out what someone is there for. See how fast that conversation detriorated? It lets me know that dude was here for the goodies only. Dismissed. Making a good decision has never felt so good. It's a step in the direction for me to stand up for myself while I am dating.

Still on that pursuit.........xoxoxoxo!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do..

Well I have been really analyzing what went wrong this time around and I have come up with some ways to keep it from happening again. No blame game just making observations.
  • I need to come up with a standard waiting period of time before a man can meet my kids. I haven't really given that much thought before. The Rev (I am looking for my blog from 06 so I can reference "all the others" lollerskates.....) met Gabby kind of by proxy because, I was in the choir and he was the director. So it was inevitable in that case. It was also gut wrenching to hear after our wedding was cancelled that she missed "Her Rev" So basically, it wasn't like I was the only one who got dumped, Miss Beasley got dumped too. I let Jeff get too close to Gabby too soon and then this time my kids really like My Friend. And He likes them. I think for that side of her that is missing her dad, The Friend steps in and does that. He ask about her school work, he gently corrects her when she has be rude. Just all around good with kids He can make you laugh like to have never laughed before....see all of these traits are the ones I wish I could ball up together and make him a transformer. Sigh....he is moving out in a couple of weeks. Ok, you know Imma be tracking the days......
  • But seriously I am not tracking the days on some ol "I hate this ninja and I cant wait for him to leave....not that at all. It is more like :We should part company, we just don't get along the way we had a special time. I am just preparing myself for that little heartache from realizing that he will be gone. I will make a point to take my meds all the time then so that this doesn't turn into August 08. What is August 08 you say? It was when I wanted to be with my ex-husband who at the time was my boyfriend and I just thought it was the end of the world.....I cried like I was mourning someones death. I had to be hospitalized 2 times for depression. One those times lead to he a time when the Physc doctor in the ER was recommending that I stay impatient. I said no, because I knew that I was going to grow from this and followed up with intense outpatient therapy. I remember feeling alone, and like no one would ever love me again, broken. The moment that sticks out the most is when Red Velvet bought her new home and texted to me. I remember being so drunk laying on the floor looking a text pic of his beautiful home and being happy for her not feeling like me right now, I couldn't even call her because I did not want to rain on her parade, so just kept in. Just so you know, that was turning point in our friendship because she let me know that NO MATTER what she was there to listen.
I have my own set of rules for dealing with this:
  • The first three nights are usually the hardest. That usually when the crying and "oh come back to me baby" talk gets started. DON'T DO IT!!!!! Let the door stay closed and work through it. Keeping intoxication to a bare minimum is helpful too.
  • I am not finding a "replacement". Right now the focus needs to be on me and my children. So for all the loneliness I feel I will turn to my children.
  • Have fun. Yup that simple. I am gonna hit up a happy hour (no liquor) on Tuesday with a friend just to get out of the house for a little bit. Nothing like throwing on a little makeup and getting pretty to keep your spirits up
  • Focusing super hard on my work. I wear three hats at my job and two of those require a lot of my attention. So for now, I am going to let that occupy more of my time.
The dating game is never easy. We sometimes make mistakes along the way. I don't look at anyone I dated as a bad or good experience, just a learning lesson. This time, I learned to trust my gut, pay attention, and go slow. Well, it is time to start my day, my two little people have just woke up! Sn: Chad Ochocinco's Ultimate Catch is question: why? LOL!!!! xoxoxox

Maybe I Am Just Getting Old....And That's Fine....

Happy New Year all!!! Last night was.....the good, the bad, and the ugly. I spent most of the night talking to my best friend (since 9th grade...get it into that), Red Velvet about the power of blogging and how writing helps get some of your emotions off your chest. Of course when me and Red Velvet get on that phone, we do one thing I have not done in a while. LAUGH. And I don't mean "giggles", I mean howling laughter! Our greatest form of comedy that day was my shipboard experience and how both of our sons had screams that would rival anybody's in a horror movie.

The bad? *long sigh* I remember when I used to be an avid reader of a young ladies blog, and she would often have problems with people holding her blog content against her. I want to say this, about my blog. It is not facebook, it is not twitter. This is a place where I can put everything I am feeling that the world will not let me say. By "world" I mean, I spend all day where I am filtered and uncensored and I just need a place to get some of that "buildup" off my chest. So with that being said, this is my life uncensored and I am not going to make any apologizes or feel sorry for anything I say on here. I own it. Another, note.....I am going to look into privacy features today because I heard the link was being passed around to my blog and "The Friend" seems to have gotten a hold of it......niiiiiiiccccceeee. But I'm not apologizing for my feelings to him either (it's 2011 bitches!!!), I just give 'em the *Kanye Shrug* and keep it moving.

So, I didn't get wasted last night, I am not gonna lie: at 8:30, I was ready to go to bed. The only reason I stayed up is because Miss Beasley wanted to see the ball drop and I was gonna oblige her. But to be honest, Miss Beasley spent most of her night looking at movies, sipping chocolate milk and then decided to join me at around 11:56....We watched rang in the New Year together and I teared up as I hugged her, remembering the very first New Years I spent with her. She was only a few weeks old, would not go to sleep and I remember hugging her tight and welcoming her to the world.

Well, I am up and ready to kick ass in 2011, and apparently my son is too as he has just pulled a bunch of books off my bookshelf.....xoxoxo!