Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyday I'm Hustling.....

I am such a pivotal point in my life right now that it is not even funny. I have been getting job offers to come back to the local hospital I used to work at from 2004-2008. I am in the review stage and I have done some testing, I am just waiting to see if I get to the interview process. I am a effing STAR in interviews. Interviews are basically selling yourself, and honey, I can sell water to a well. Going back to the hospital would mean more stability. The truth is I never should have left. I was young, reckless and thought the grass looked greener on the other side (employment with the City of Blah Blah Blah). So I am praying all goes well and I can go back to wearing scrubs 5 days a week lol.

I have started to also taking my job search outside of Virginia. I have been considering moving to Tennessee where my sister lives. I am looking at employment with a major university there and she gave me gobs of tips on applying for the job and what to put in my resume. That was like gold for me. The main goal is to keep going, not to give up or get discouraged. Once I get discouraged I usually slink back to a lesser job and end up settling. No more. Beasley and Chunk deserve the best!

Tomorrow is my show cause hearing for my child support case with Miss Beasley's father. He is in arrears to the tune of 21,000 dollars. I have been waiting on this day for the last 6 years. He has paid what he wanted when he wanted and it has caught up to him. I'm just there to protect my interest. I want the judge to know that he is in the situation that he is in because he QUIT his good ass job to move to Atlanta to be a "producer" (sheesh) and it was down hill from there. I don't expect the whole 21k but I do want a witholding order that is state compliant and a payment up front. We shall see.

Not much else...long day ahead and I have to get my rest. xoxoxo!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Call Before You Come....

Last night around 3 am I was awaken by what I believe was my doorbell. I waited another couple of minutes and there is was again....the doorbell, followed by a knock on the door. I got nervous as hell and went to the closet for my "equilizer" and went to my bedroom door and waited about 5 minutes. The bell ringing stopped and then I went on to bed. I will give you one guess who it was: The Friend. I never knew he would take it this far *Dwele voice* What makes me mad is that this man borrowed money from me and NOT ONCE did he say when he was gonna pay me back. In all of the exchange about seeing me he just glossed over the fact that we had that on the table. What really caused me to come unglued was he asked me what was I upset about when he left. Seriously? Seriously? I hate when people hurt you and then they try to act like it's all good because time has gone by. Now I know how my sister used to feel when I would borrow money from her and had not paid a dime but wanted to call her and just feel like you don't matter.

Today I took my little angels to see Cars 2! Note to self: 19 month olds aren't build for that movie theater life. When went in during the preview and my entire view experience of the Pixar short was me chasing my son down the aisle while he hollered "Wee!" and "Noooo". By the time the movie started he was sleep. Thank God his admission was free because if not he was gonna stay away to watch the whole thing. But, watching the movie I decided it's time for me to plan and stick to something for myself. All of my life I have wanted to see Europe. France and Spain in particular. When I got home I began searching Apple Tours for pricing on Europe vacations. What I am getting at is I want to start living my life and not just existing. Part of this revolution is me expanding my job search beyond Virginia. That is a big deal for me because with the exception on my year in Charleston, Virginia is all I know. I have always been afraid that something would happen to me away from my parents and I wouldn't know how to make it. If we look at the fact of my life, things are happening to me here and I am no worse for the wear. It is time for me to spread my wings. You only get one shot at life, and when these eyes close I want to know I lived it to the fullest. xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They Pull Me Right Back.....

Sheesh.....that about sums it up right now. I had an awesome weekend, and part of that weekend was a cookout at one of my friend's house. Being a little older I decided not to show up empty handed (in my 20's I would just show up ready to drink and eat till I popped). I made tequila sunrise jello shots and deviled eggs. Now, before I go any further please remember I get out probably once every three months and hardly anywhere where there is free liquor. When I got to the cook out, I started out with a corona(trying to keep it cute) and then I followed that with a delicious pomagrante concoction. I would later discover that that wonderful beverage was mixed with Everclear (yeah I know). So after I drank that I decided to take a Jello shot and sip on Henny and coke....this is where shit went allllllll the way to the left. You know how when you are drunk the music seems to loud and the environment just seems to spin? Yeah I was there. So I decided to sit down out of the way and that didn't help. I moved outside to the porch and all the talking was causing me to be even I sat down on the steps to compose myself and since it was sprinkling I decided to take this mess to my car. Long story short, I ended up throwing up by my car and then blacking out for about three hours (felt like 30 minutes) and then my friend came to the car and helped me upstairs to wash my face so I could sober up (uh no water touched my face because I had on my lashes lol). The lesson here is not to mix my liquor and my ass is not 25 anymore.

In other news....The Friend contacted me. Yes, lets all take this moment to pause and pray. As much as I used to get my life from him, I don't want to EVER feel that kind of hurt again. It's that hurt that has left me unable to trust anyone. I know how I am and I just need the strength to just say, "No....that shit was not OK and I can't let you hurt me again." Sigh....I think I need to scroll through my previous post and I'll catch the hint....xoxoxo!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just got some of the best news of the month......*whispers* My FAVORITE esthetician is BACK!!!!! I am sure you are all wondering, "Why is that such a big deal? There are estheticians everywhere." A note about me: When I find someone who does the following really well, I stick with them like glue: cut my hair, wax my va-jay jay, do a facial, and wash my car. When I say Miss A is the best, I mean it. She is a step further than just doing the same ol same ol. She knows her stuff when it comes to skin. I have been awaiting her return because my skin as going bonkers. My skin just looks I look forward to seeing her because my skin needs it!

Got some updates about my ex-husband....apparently he's living at a bus station. At first I felt bad, but then I thought about why he was living in a bus station. First off, he won't work a regular job to get a place to live because he has made dodging DSCE a full time job. Second, he I don't think has been sitting around being worried about me and Chunk so....there you have it. So with that being said...good night!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Find Some Damn Business....

First of all....I know I have just abandoned this blog like a mug!!!! So much has been going on there is just too much to re-cap.

For a while I put finding a man on the back burner so I could focus on what it was I wanted to do in life. When I sat down and thought about it, my life has been a road map of travels that have not been completed. When I got fired from my job it took a lot out of me. I was basically told that I was incompetent and I believed it. But you know what? Someone's perception of you DOES NOT make your reality. The truth is I am competent. When I started at that company they had NO safety program what so ever. I built that program up from the ground up. Never mind I had no safety experience what so ever...I got it done. So you know what I have decided to do? Come back faster and stronger. After a lot of research I have decided to return back to Major University and finish my Enviromental Health, with a minor in Occupational Health. I can do this. I am a junior at that university which means, by the time Chunky is 4, I will have my Bachelors. I have to do this. My kids are counting on me and I am counting on me. I have been running into some financial aid problems ( you know you can only borrow up to 57,000 in student loans? Yeah me neither) but I will get around them. The important thing is seeing this thing through.

On the relationship front, I have an all new starting line up. I am learning how to casually date. Just because someone makes me smile a couple times doesn't mean I have to die with them. I want to take my time and find the right one. I have a couple that are real strong contenders but no one has really proven themselves worthy of me letting my guard down. I do get lonely sometimes, but I figure being lonely beats being unhappy. When it has come to selecting a man my criteria has gotten a lot stricter. He MUST have the following: A place to live that is not with his mama and/or cousin, his own transportation, and at least 3 pay stubs and a W-2 (lol Red Velvet). If not, you will go no further than the phone interview. Most of the men I have been approached by are hitting 30 or are in their 30's and if they don't have those three things they need to be out getting them, not trying to get a girlfriend *kanye shrug*. I am done saving stray cape is in the cleaners so I can't save anybody right now.

I have also been embracing motherhood. I always have, but for the first time in a long time I feel PRESENT in my children's lives. I enjoy my little moments with them. There was a time when I thought about summer all I could think about was all the mayhem I was gonna get into with my girls, but now, I am planning trips to amusement parks, and looking up ways to cause some mayhem with my kids. They are what is important. Everything else is secondary.

Back on weight watchers. Five pounds down. Do it to it boo! It was hard as hell the first week. But I am now in week three and chugging along! It's amazing what tracking what you eat will do. I find that I eat when I am bored, so now I have started to do pilates instead. So far, so good!

Well, I promise it won't be that long before I post again....just got caught up in life....xoxoxo!