Monday, December 12, 2011

Passenger Seat

A few nights ago, my mother and I were on the phone talking about relationships and I began to talk about my history of picking losers. While I was pontificating, I realized why I pick these men: it's what I am used to seeing.  In my parents marriage,  my mom does EVERYTHING. Sure, my father works and brings home the bacon, my mother is the one who makes things happen. If something ever happened to my mom I don't know what would happen to him. Most of the men I've dated and married were like this. If they were down and out, Victoria was there to pick you up. You don't have a job? I'm gonna find you one. No place to stay? Come live with me--rent free. You don't have a car? You can use mine. I have come to understand I am not a human band aid. The problem is how my "Captain Save a Ninja" lifestyle has made it hard for me to date men who have it together. I am so used to having some kind of "project " I don't know how to chill and enjoy the ride. I have a friend that I am meeting in DC for Big Night, and I fretted about all the details silently in my head. But he has it all put together, and that's without my help. That's what real men do. They handle their business no matter how big or small. So you know what? Miss Page is gonna get out of the "fixer-upper" business and go with "no assembly required." bri


  1. Thts sum real talk. I am done playing champion to losers.