Saturday, June 23, 2012

Live from the Barber Shop!

It's barbershop day for Chunky and he is acting the donkey....toddler life. Like Evelyn Lozada said I ain't built for that life.

Friday I tried a wearing a headwrap after seeing how beautiful it looked on my friend Tee. I youtubed the subject to death and I bought some fabric and after a lot of practice I finally got it and I love the way it looks. I think fabric is my new nail polish!

I hit U street again today and had quite the adventure. I met a friend for lunch at Eatonville. It was everything I hoped it to be! The Georgia Peach cocktail was delicious! I never new corn whiskey could be so good. I even tried the lavender lemonade, and it was a flavor explosion in my mouth (pause). I need to learn how to make it because it was refreshing and calming. While I was on my adventure I popped my cherry. In all the drama of parking I forgot to feed the meter and I got my first ticket in the District, lol. It was truly a good time and I left feeling happier than I have been in the last few weeks.

Due to the commute struggle, I will be moving to Springfield to be closer to my job. Woodbridge was a good idea at first, and perhaps it was for the wrong reasons, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Besides, maybe some distance between me and J will be a good thing. It's hard for me to participate in the Thirst Olympics when I'm 30 minutes away. Plus it will put me closer to my two new favorite places: U street and the Smithsonian. Change is never easy but it's necessary for growth.

With all that being said I am gonna work on some stuff for Tuesday and then I'm hitting the sheets! Good night!


  1. I'm so happy for you girlie! I enjoy reading your post! :)

  2. Thanks girl and me and my hair love your blog :)