Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Insurance is a Beautiful Thing

I finally reached my 90 days at work and I have been using my insurance like it's going out of style

I had my gyn exam today with a new doctor and I can tell I'm gonna stick with her for awhile. The first think I liked is that she introduced herself to me BEFORE I had to get into the gyn uniform: paper top, paper sheet and socks. That made it so much easier to communicate some of my concerns. After the exam she brought me in her office and we had a long conversation about birth control. I decided to go with the para gard but I am scared as hell with all I have researched. Men are lucky...they have two options: vasectomies or condoms. My head is swimming right now, but as always I'll figure it out. Things are progressing nicely with me and J. He challenges me to think bigger. Sometimes I have to check my feelings because Jay-Z said it best, "if your feelings are too intense, his pimp will die" so for now I'm taking deep breathes because like Jagged Edge, "I can't take another heartbreak"....yeah I'm on my music mode tonight lol. Today was hectic as hell at work, but it's all good, but Miss Page needs to rest my mind....good night all! i


  1. I decided to go with the DEPO SHOT & you're right men have it so easy. We have so many side effects from this shit, its so annoying!

  2. I am gonna try this para gard but if it has side effects I can't handle I am going to try the depo.....