Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you Hear Me Jose? It's Me, Victoria

I have a lot to say but I will get to all that later....

  • 22 year old has broken my heart
I went on FB and he was talking about how he is all on top of the fucking mountain top of fucking happiness and glitter and ponies and unicorns and shit. I know this boy was NOT talking about me. So now I am here all butt hurt about the shit when I shouldn't give a fuck because I am ahem...married as a mother fucker. So now I feel like hooking back up with my good friend "Marlboro Menthol", getting a bottle of tequila, and crawling in my bed while Donnie Hathaway plays in the background. But I can't because I gotta cook and I didn't take Chunk to daycare so now I am just stuck here ready to go down into a ring of fire. Note to self: 22 year olds lead to 22 year old heartbreak. There is a reason I am happy to turn 30.

  • Florida was awesome!
I could have just vacationed at the airport! The Orlando airport is beautiful. The shopping was just awesome(well window shopping). The weather was good and I was extra happy because I did not run into any lizards or snakes which would have scared the beejeezus out of me.

  • Quitting smoking is harder than giving up tree
Nicotine should be illegal because right now, I would probably do something strange for a

Well, my baby is up and I think he has ripped one of the slats on the blinds in his room.


  1. how many days are you into not smoking? it gets so much easier after day 3 and by day 7 you're on your way. the mall in orlando IS INSANE and girl I been there with the youngins and I'm only 25. After my experience I vowed NEVER AGAIN....until I'm 50 and I want a hook up. hehehe

  2. Girl, I relapsed :( but I am finishing this pack and back to the nicorette I go. No more anything under 25 for me...too much damn drama lol