Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I know I did!

The best thing I liked about this holiday is I spent quality time with my family in a way I have not been able to in the last few years. It reminded me how much I'm loved and how much I love my family.

The rest of my week is going to be spent preparing to go to DC for Big Night.  I know Big Night is going to be a blast, but I am really excited for my sightseeing date. I got a new camera for Christmas, and I can't wait to use it.

That's all for now, I'm going back to work tomorrow so it's back to the grind!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things to Do

It's almost the end of the year and I have decided instead of making a list of empty resolutions, I am making a "to do" list.  So what's on my "to do" list? Here's a few things:

Start a Roth IRA
I'll be honest, I don't want to work forever.  When my children are grown I want to travel. When I say travel I don't mean for a week or two, I mean months at a time.  I'm getting my "Eat, Pray, Love" on. That is going to take money so I want to make sure I have more than enough. So armed with my 401(b) let the savings games begin!

Start Running
I have not been taking care of my health the way I should have. In my pursuit to get happy, I have picked up some extra weight. Not much, but what is more disturbing than the weight gain is the inability to run up my stairs or even after my son. I want some energy and a way to relieve stress and running will help with that.  I am going to start participating in Black Girls Run more often along with joining the YMCA.

Create a Budget--and stick to it
Do you know I spend $200 a month on eating out? I sat down last week and wrote out ALL my expenses. I came to the conclusion I do a lot of emotionally based spending.  I buy wine because it's been a long week, expensive nail polish because I'm happy, an expensive meal because I'm feeling ballerific. Those things are nice but so is having extra money.  I can still treat myself but not so often.

These are some of my "to do's" of 2012, how about you?

Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's another Saturday night and I'm doing my usual: playing in nail polish, sipping sweet Chardonnay, listening to smooth jazz.

I have been trying to be reserved about it, but I am really over the moon about spending time with my friend. In the past I have found that he is easy to talk to, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor. We talked on the phone last night, and the rest of the night my heart was smiling and so was I. This will not be our first date, the first was in 1998. He asked me to his senior cruise and I accepted, but was floored because I couldn't see myself as someone a guy like him would wanna date. He was a gentleman the entire night, which was rare for 18 year old back then lol. So here we are 12 years shocked, him being a gentleman. Funny how life is. I ran my first mile today and I hurt like the Dickens, so I'm going to end this post before the flexaril kicks in. Xoxo! c

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fattening the Frog..

I'm in a mood today y'all.  You know earlier when I talked about being a human band aid? I have a cautionary tale about being one.

What the hell is up with all the former "players" I used to date getting married? I have been on Facebook this week and a majority of them are now married or getting married.  I feel some kind of way since I wasted a lot of time trying to get them together and see the benefit of committing. Oh no, they wanted to be manwhores till they died...I can't help but to feel I fattened the frog for the snake....sheesh.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Passenger Seat

A few nights ago, my mother and I were on the phone talking about relationships and I began to talk about my history of picking losers. While I was pontificating, I realized why I pick these men: it's what I am used to seeing.  In my parents marriage,  my mom does EVERYTHING. Sure, my father works and brings home the bacon, my mother is the one who makes things happen. If something ever happened to my mom I don't know what would happen to him. Most of the men I've dated and married were like this. If they were down and out, Victoria was there to pick you up. You don't have a job? I'm gonna find you one. No place to stay? Come live with me--rent free. You don't have a car? You can use mine. I have come to understand I am not a human band aid. The problem is how my "Captain Save a Ninja" lifestyle has made it hard for me to date men who have it together. I am so used to having some kind of "project " I don't know how to chill and enjoy the ride. I have a friend that I am meeting in DC for Big Night, and I fretted about all the details silently in my head. But he has it all put together, and that's without my help. That's what real men do. They handle their business no matter how big or small. So you know what? Miss Page is gonna get out of the "fixer-upper" business and go with "no assembly required." bri

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just To Get By....

Today a friend and spoke about how great it feels to go through hell and come out on top. My mind flashed back to this picture I took during the summer. It's no secret that I've battled with depression, but I remember over the spring and summer having to take those pills just so I could get through the day without breaking down. I'm down to one pill (celexa) and when I look at this picture, I think about how far God has brought me....and it feels so good.

Church, Baby Showers, and Cuppy cakes

I finally joined the app revolution and downloaded the blogger app , so I can blog anywhere! All Victoria all the time lol.

Church was amazing this morning! The pastor preached about the ministry of faith. The point that stuck out the most for me was the Focus of faith. In the past three weeks I have been distracted in matters of my faith. Moreso last week when my mind went back to an old love five years ago that broke my heart. I got a little too wrapped up in that and for a few days I lost focus that God is a healer of broken hearts and He can heal mine. My true love is out there and what I need to do is focus on the joy of my future and not the pain of the past.

I went to a baby shower for my neighbor yesterday. It was a good time with good people. My favorite part was the cuppycake cake! How much did I like the cuppycake? I went knocking on her door around 10 asking if she had any left....straight crack lol.

As we all may remember from last year, my cooking kinda sucked. But I must say it is getting way better! Last week I made some chicken strips from a recipe from my sister.  When she made them they were WONDERFUL!  Usually when I make tenders they are usually bland and dry. But I learned a trick. Buttermilk. Soak the tenders in garlic powder, hot sauce, and seasoning salt for 30 minutes before breading. I made these on Tuesday and they were amazing! It certainly squashed my chik fil a craving I had.

Well it's Sunday so that means lazy time on the couch with my two favorite little people! Till next time! q