Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can't pretend anymore

I can't pretend anymore y'all. I can sit and front like I am over the friend, but I'm not. Maybe it was never in the cards for me to have love in my life. Maybe I am all of those things he said I was...I can't go on, and I don't want to go on. My life is in a huge disarray and this is the only way I can make it stop. Thanks for reading....xoxoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back Like Cooked Crack!

Heeeeellllllooooo my babies!!! Sorry I took a little sabbatical from blogging because I just have had a lot going on.

The single life? Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I'm loving it. All the old team members have been traded or fired. Last Friday I went on my first real date in years. I will call him Mr. Big (I can't call him what I really want to because I am not sure if The Friend still reads this blog....tell you why that is important in a minute). For our first date he told me he was taking me to this bar and I must admit, I did the extreme side eye until he told me that on the night we were going it was open mic night. It was wonderful, we drank, listened to the jazz band, heard a little spoken word, some singing and even a little comedy. It was really nice. We are keeping it casual and I like it that way.

So, you know I don't pull any punches, I am sure you are all wondering who Mr. Big is. Mr. Big is a friend of The Friend. Yeah. Go ahead and judge. Mr. Big gave me the push I needed to let The Friend go because he confirmed basically everything that I already suspected. The Friend had been taking my car to see other females, he was screwing other females, and he LIVES from getting girls to put phones in their names and then sticking them with the bill. Normally something like that would have sent me through, but you know what? I felt free when I heard that. It meant for me that all that shit he kicked about him being such an upstanding person was basically some bullshit. So, I got my power back y'all. The problem wasn't me. It was his ass. So I went back to facebook, canceled my pitiful "will you take me back" friend request and blocked him. Then I went on my phone and I blacklisted him from being able to text me and all of his calls will go to voicemail. I deserve better than that. Plus, I do not want to spend my 30's like I did my 20's, begging people to stay that didn't want to.

Can I tell you all my new addiction? OnDemand TV. You know I was all #teamfreecable but I don't think I could live without my OnDemand. 95% of what I watch is OnDemand. I have had a chance to catch a lot of shows that I never got a chance to watch because I have been so busy. Outsourced? The shit! Bob's Burger's? Hilarious. On the flip side of that since I recognized that tv watching at my house is at an all time high, I need to get back on my reading grind. Right now I am reading a book called "Another Man's Wife". So far so good....we'll see how it goes.

Well, that is just the highlights. I promise not to be a stranger especially since I found some free wi-fi to hop onto at home (yeah, I'm cheap). xoxoxo

P.S. I am still going strong in my quest to be a better cook. I made some greens this weekend that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! Me and Chunky tore those things up....not a drop left in the pot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Shello! I just looked at my dashboard and saw that my last blog post was eons ago.....

There hasn't been too much to report....ok, I'm lying, there has been a lot going on, but I just don't know how to verbalize a lot of it. I have learned over the past few weeks that family will sometimes be the ones to hurt you the most. I just thank God that I have awesome friends, one in particular Mrs. Red Velvet, that see me drowning and they throw out the life raft.

For all that care, I am still single and this time around, not looking. I am starting fresh so that means no "friend" replacements. I got rid of TallDrinkofWater and NavyGuy(wasn't really much to blog about...I don't do long distance very well). I realized these two were just fillers for the time I used to spend thinking about "The Friend". "The Friend" was a filler for The Youngin...and so it goes. The point is, I need to stop trying to find a man to occupy my time and find other things to occupy it. After Saturday, I am going to dedicate my free time to working out. Go ahead, I will wait while you laugh. No, I really miss working out and seeing the rewards in the form of me being able to rock a size 8 and shop where I want when I want. Plus, it will be good for me.

Now that we established that I am going to start being a fan of GKL (Gym, Kids, Laundry), I am sure you all are wondering if I cook any better. The answer? HELL YES!!! I found this awesome site and have been churning out the awesome recipes left and right. I made the steamed cabbage with the smoked turkey leg on Sunday. It was awesome. I am doing the mac n' cheese this Sunday and will let you all know how it turned out. Did I mention I can hook a steak up now? The key? Marinate, marinate, marinate!!! It is my rule now that every steak I cook MUST marinate for at least 24 hours. I did this once and boy, did it make a difference. Plus, I have learned that there are other positions on the stove other than High....lol

I am getting back into the hair stylist arena. Tonight I am cutting my friend Christy's hair. It will be awesome to have shears back in my hands. What is funny is cutting hair is really like riding a bicycle....once you learn, you never forget. Well, back to work.....it's almost the weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get Some Business....

I got a new job title and A LOT of work that goes along with it so I am gonna just give you the neat points:

  • This must also be the 2011: Return of the Ex's. THEY KEEP POPPING UP AND BEING THIRSTY!!! You know what is even worse? These are folks that fired ME. Yes. They dumped me and now they are trying to come back...acting thirsty as hell. The Rev, Youngin, Nuneyah(y'all don't know him, but long story short: close your legs to married mens!) and a slew of others...they are invading my facebook inbox and digging my number up from all kinds of places. I am gonna need them to stop. You all gave me the biggest heartaches of my life and now y'all wanna come back and do that ish again? No thanks.
  • I am enjoying being single. No really. I can do what I want when I want...I am the queen of my house, lollerskates.
  • Going to see Salt N' Pepa next week!!!!! Club Seats? Yes please. Did I mention MC Lyte is gonna be there? I am gonna jump off the balcony if she performs "Paper Thin". Yes, it's that serious
  • My sister will be here this weekend. She is not single. So I can venture she will be hanging with her boyfriend the whole time.
  • Not going to CIAA....I will be hating on my timeline and newsfeed all weekend...lol
  • Off work Friday!!!!! I am looking forward to a day of doing nothing....
  • GKL- Gym, Kids, Laundry....that's how I roll now.

Well dearies, it's been fun, my email inbox at work is filling back up which means more work....xoxoxo!