Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Rolls in the City

Yesterday I took the Goonies to the 135th annual White House Easter Egg Roll and here are the highlights:

1) My son was so proud he dressed himself and I did not discover, until we were on the Metro, that he had no underwear on. Just freeballin....

2. My daughter may have officially aged out of these types of activities. When we arrived on the lawn she looked around and said, "This is stuff for babies." Shade. I did manage to get her to dye an Easter egg or two and look at the First Lady's garden, but that was it for her.

3. My son got his LIFE!!! He met Barney, Wowow Wubzy, and Jake the Pirate. He pretended to be a beekeeper and went crazy for the gymnastics team.

4. There were a lot of different....fashion decisions out that day too. While it was a high of 63, it was colder my the time our time slot made it in and I could see parents who simply brought their kids for photo ops because there was too much Sundays best going on. Little girls couldn't run or participate in crafts because of their Easter get ups. I was glad I dressed the kids in what we would call "Friday Casual" look.

5. No President Obama but I did see Jordin Sparks and B Smith so I was somewhat pleased.

The event was put together beautifully an ran smoothly. I was happy we were able to be a part of that.

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