Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More of the Same

*drags self on to blog* Hey y'all. Miss Page is just....caught up right now. Raising a toddler is not for the faint at heart. I am now in the process of potty training Chunky and I am tempted to just say "Eff it....just let him wear pull ups for all of eternity." But I can't do that so I have stepped up my efforts to get him potty trained. My experience last night sounded like my dating life: begging, shouting, crying, giggles, and finally defiance ( he hopped of the potty and ran away laughing). I'll try it again tonight, but I'll be honest, Chunky is winning lol. Miss Beasley was potty trained in two weeks. That experience was eeeeeaaassssy! I gave her some M&M's and that was that.

I would appreciate if my hair would hurry up and grow. I finally have a junior puff after two months but I want my 'fro back!!!! I want to do a braid out, I want to experiment with flexi rods!!! My TWA will not let me be great!

I need to find some business. Well I have some I have just not been minding it. So the name of the game is to stay focused. I have a lot to do and it must all be executed according to plan, meaning I can't eff around...because I know me....I sometimes will....eff around. Here's to getting things done and learning patience!

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