Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get Some Business....

I got a new job title and A LOT of work that goes along with it so I am gonna just give you the neat points:

  • This must also be the 2011: Return of the Ex's. THEY KEEP POPPING UP AND BEING THIRSTY!!! You know what is even worse? These are folks that fired ME. Yes. They dumped me and now they are trying to come back...acting thirsty as hell. The Rev, Youngin, Nuneyah(y'all don't know him, but long story short: close your legs to married mens!) and a slew of others...they are invading my facebook inbox and digging my number up from all kinds of places. I am gonna need them to stop. You all gave me the biggest heartaches of my life and now y'all wanna come back and do that ish again? No thanks.
  • I am enjoying being single. No really. I can do what I want when I want...I am the queen of my house, lollerskates.
  • Going to see Salt N' Pepa next week!!!!! Club Seats? Yes please. Did I mention MC Lyte is gonna be there? I am gonna jump off the balcony if she performs "Paper Thin". Yes, it's that serious
  • My sister will be here this weekend. She is not single. So I can venture she will be hanging with her boyfriend the whole time.
  • Not going to CIAA....I will be hating on my timeline and newsfeed all
  • Off work Friday!!!!! I am looking forward to a day of doing nothing....
  • GKL- Gym, Kids, Laundry....that's how I roll now.

Well dearies, it's been fun, my email inbox at work is filling back up which means more work....xoxoxo!

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