Saturday, June 25, 2011

Call Before You Come....

Last night around 3 am I was awaken by what I believe was my doorbell. I waited another couple of minutes and there is was again....the doorbell, followed by a knock on the door. I got nervous as hell and went to the closet for my "equilizer" and went to my bedroom door and waited about 5 minutes. The bell ringing stopped and then I went on to bed. I will give you one guess who it was: The Friend. I never knew he would take it this far *Dwele voice* What makes me mad is that this man borrowed money from me and NOT ONCE did he say when he was gonna pay me back. In all of the exchange about seeing me he just glossed over the fact that we had that on the table. What really caused me to come unglued was he asked me what was I upset about when he left. Seriously? Seriously? I hate when people hurt you and then they try to act like it's all good because time has gone by. Now I know how my sister used to feel when I would borrow money from her and had not paid a dime but wanted to call her and just feel like you don't matter.

Today I took my little angels to see Cars 2! Note to self: 19 month olds aren't build for that movie theater life. When went in during the preview and my entire view experience of the Pixar short was me chasing my son down the aisle while he hollered "Wee!" and "Noooo". By the time the movie started he was sleep. Thank God his admission was free because if not he was gonna stay away to watch the whole thing. But, watching the movie I decided it's time for me to plan and stick to something for myself. All of my life I have wanted to see Europe. France and Spain in particular. When I got home I began searching Apple Tours for pricing on Europe vacations. What I am getting at is I want to start living my life and not just existing. Part of this revolution is me expanding my job search beyond Virginia. That is a big deal for me because with the exception on my year in Charleston, Virginia is all I know. I have always been afraid that something would happen to me away from my parents and I wouldn't know how to make it. If we look at the fact of my life, things are happening to me here and I am no worse for the wear. It is time for me to spread my wings. You only get one shot at life, and when these eyes close I want to know I lived it to the fullest. xoxoxo

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