Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They Pull Me Right Back.....

Sheesh.....that about sums it up right now. I had an awesome weekend, and part of that weekend was a cookout at one of my friend's house. Being a little older I decided not to show up empty handed (in my 20's I would just show up ready to drink and eat till I popped). I made tequila sunrise jello shots and deviled eggs. Now, before I go any further please remember I get out probably once every three months and hardly anywhere where there is free liquor. When I got to the cook out, I started out with a corona(trying to keep it cute) and then I followed that with a delicious pomagrante concoction. I would later discover that that wonderful beverage was mixed with Everclear (yeah I know). So after I drank that I decided to take a Jello shot and sip on Henny and coke....this is where shit went allllllll the way to the left. You know how when you are drunk the music seems to loud and the environment just seems to spin? Yeah I was there. So I decided to sit down out of the way and that didn't help. I moved outside to the porch and all the talking was causing me to be even dizzier....so I sat down on the steps to compose myself and since it was sprinkling I decided to take this mess to my car. Long story short, I ended up throwing up by my car and then blacking out for about three hours (felt like 30 minutes) and then my friend came to the car and helped me upstairs to wash my face so I could sober up (uh no water touched my face because I had on my lashes lol). The lesson here is not to mix my liquor and my ass is not 25 anymore.

In other news....The Friend contacted me. Yes, lets all take this moment to pause and pray. As much as I used to get my life from him, I don't want to EVER feel that kind of hurt again. It's that hurt that has left me unable to trust anyone. I know how I am and I just need the strength to just say, "No....that shit was not OK and I can't let you hurt me again." Sigh....I think I need to scroll through my previous post and I'll catch the hint....xoxoxo!

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