Monday, July 4, 2011


Just some randoms....

  • I love my oil burner and the smell of lavender is THE BEST!!!!
  • Laughter is the best medicine for the blues. The past couple of days this week I have been feeling a little low and Red Velvet would call and we would get on that phone and LAUGH!!! I am talking 3 hours of laughing....classic
  • I know that I have spoken against this.....buuuuutttt.....I LOVE FALSE LASHES!!!! I think I secretly hated them because I did not know how to apply them. I like the way they look on me, but I do have requirements. I only use the type that are strips but sparse. I HATE the look of mini tarantulas on someone's eyes. I just want them to enhance not over power
  • Being a single mom is HOARD!!!!!!!! But it's the most rewarding job ever. I love seeing the smiles on my children's faces
  • After complaining about not having any friends in my neighborhood, and today while making my bi-weekly run to get diapers I ran into one of my old friends and she lives IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! We are hanging out tomorrow night to catch up!
  • I thank God for the friendships in my life. I am happy that I have learned to be a better listener (I used to be the Toni Childs of friendships).
  • What is the protocol for dealing with someone you meet that you found out was "kinda a big deal" back in the day. I work with a young lady who after friending her on Facebook discovered she used to be a video model (not using that other's not nice) aaaannnd I found out that she was a primary in Common's "Go" video. I think it's awesome. She never talks about it....but I think it's neat.
  • Will it ever get easier?
  • Stress will rob you of your appetite and bueno.
  • I think women who take their shoes off in the club and walk around barefoot are gross. That is all
  • Call center culture is just.....smh
  • Am I too young to be researching liquid facelifts?
  • Why did my daughter's father have to be threatened with 60 days in jail before he would pay child support? Didn't I ask him to do the same thing 3 months ago? It makes me sad he would follow the instruction of a stranger before the mother of his child.
Well that was a very satisfying brain for reading xoxox

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  1. I love laughing with you too!! Trust me, I always hang up with you feeling a million times better than I did!!! Love you like a sistah my B.F.F.!!! Stay cool over the summer!!! LOL!!