Friday, February 11, 2011

Mad Men and Bieber Fever

Morning Loves!!! Can I just express how happy I am that it is Friday? It has been a long week, and I am looking forward to hanging out with my sister who came in from Tennessee. She is running a marathon tomorrow, so she is spending the night at my house so she doesn't have to get up too early.

Last night I scoured Target in search of something new to watch since I don't have cable yet (next Friday, next Friday!!!!). I decided to try the television series Mad Men. So far I am digging it. I haven't really absorbed what was going on because as I was trying to watch it last night The Goons were running around like two crazy people and I couldn't focus on what was happening. What I can draw from it is a girl comes to the city to work as a secretary at an advertising firm, she is being trained by what I can assume is the office mattress tester, one of the guys there is married and he is plotting to have his wife committed because I think she suffers from anxiety and depression. The rest was just a set of clicks a whirrs because I was busy screaming for my son to stop trying to pull the curtains down.

So, I am officially the mom of a little girl....this weekend I am going to....wait for it....THE JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE. My daughter is extra excited and I am too. This is her first little celebrity infatuation and it's cute. She claims she is going to marry him and we jam hard as hell on the way home from school to "Runaway Love"(Kanye for Mommy, Justin for Beasley). I think we will hit up the mall tonight to find her a new Justin Bieber t-shirt. The only draw back is we are taking The Boy with us and I don't know how he is gonna act. Looking forward to this weekend and the one after that....I'm going to see Mike Epps!!!! Details to follow! xoxoxo

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  1. OMG the bieber. so exciting for her!! I'm doing the same thing right now as far as buying dvd's to watch cable until my man gets home to turn on some friggin cable. heard of mad men but havent watched. let me know how it goes.