Sunday, December 11, 2011

Church, Baby Showers, and Cuppy cakes

I finally joined the app revolution and downloaded the blogger app , so I can blog anywhere! All Victoria all the time lol.

Church was amazing this morning! The pastor preached about the ministry of faith. The point that stuck out the most for me was the Focus of faith. In the past three weeks I have been distracted in matters of my faith. Moreso last week when my mind went back to an old love five years ago that broke my heart. I got a little too wrapped up in that and for a few days I lost focus that God is a healer of broken hearts and He can heal mine. My true love is out there and what I need to do is focus on the joy of my future and not the pain of the past.

I went to a baby shower for my neighbor yesterday. It was a good time with good people. My favorite part was the cuppycake cake! How much did I like the cuppycake? I went knocking on her door around 10 asking if she had any left....straight crack lol.

As we all may remember from last year, my cooking kinda sucked. But I must say it is getting way better! Last week I made some chicken strips from a recipe from my sister.  When she made them they were WONDERFUL!  Usually when I make tenders they are usually bland and dry. But I learned a trick. Buttermilk. Soak the tenders in garlic powder, hot sauce, and seasoning salt for 30 minutes before breading. I made these on Tuesday and they were amazing! It certainly squashed my chik fil a craving I had.

Well it's Sunday so that means lazy time on the couch with my two favorite little people! Till next time! q

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