Friday, April 20, 2012

Reasonable Doubt

I got good news today, I passed my test for the Fairfax County position and I have been scheduled for my polygraph and background check. This is the last step to be completed before I am hired. I also got an offers from Georgetown and that made me feel good. The only thing bothering me is what I would be giving up. I have a great support system here, and when I move all of that disappears. Starting fresh is always nice but I am afraid of being alone in a new city.  I am an introverted person and it has been hard for me to make new friends. To combat this I am going to find some business before I get there. I am going to get more involved with BGR and I have already put out feelers for a reading club. I know you all are wondering about J, but the truth is I can't stay up under him all the time. J is 30 with no kids so I doubt he wants to spend his evenings listening to Chunk have a tantrum while I beg my kids to eat their dinner. He lives a very fabulous life and sometimes I feel like I will never fit into that equation. So, plan is to keep my calendar full and my spirits high.


  1. Well dont worry u will still have friends down here, and bein away will give ppl reasons to take road trips...