Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's another Saturday night and I'm doing my usual: playing in nail polish, sipping sweet Chardonnay, listening to smooth jazz.

I have been trying to be reserved about it, but I am really over the moon about spending time with my friend. In the past I have found that he is easy to talk to, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor. We talked on the phone last night, and the rest of the night my heart was smiling and so was I. This will not be our first date, the first was in 1998. He asked me to his senior cruise and I accepted, but was floored because I couldn't see myself as someone a guy like him would wanna date. He was a gentleman the entire night, which was rare for 18 year old back then lol. So here we are 12 years shocked, him being a gentleman. Funny how life is. I ran my first mile today and I hurt like the Dickens, so I'm going to end this post before the flexaril kicks in. Xoxo! c

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