Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Again....

You know how you have a gut feeling that something you did was the wrong damn thing? Yeah, follow that. I didn't and now I am in the eye of a storm of fuckery. Well, I decided to get me a little 22 year old sidepiece and that shit is blowing up in my face BIG time. Yesterday I was just listening to some side conversation about this individual and it turns out this muthafucka is the biggest manwhore on the east coast. He has had sex with a large amount of girls on days at school and a few on nights. He has three kids, one of those kids being born just a month ago. I can't lie, I feel foolish as a hell. I know it was supposed to be a fling, but somehow I can't help but to feel like a link in the chain or a notch in his belt so to speak. So needless to say last night was spent emptying a bottle of moscato, chain smoking and popping sleeping pills. I am going to give myself 24 hours to get over this and I am moving on. I guess it just makes more sense to stick with the devil you know.

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