Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Better Learn It.....

Le Sigh.....so much this weekend, oh so much.

  • Mike Epps was wack. Now run and tell that...lol. He just wasn't doing it for me, but Cheryl Underwood did. I was surprised because I usually can't deal with her on Steve Harvey, but I got some good advice from her that night: STOP FUCKING THESE MEN IN YOUR HOUSE!!! They will either never leave (giggles) or they will always be showing up. So with that, there will be no more visitors to the legion of doom
  • I got CHOCOLATE WASTED at that show....me plus a private bar? No bueno. I believe my night was sponsored by Patron and Heineken.
  • I met the kind of guy my sister was talking about. Financial Manager. Graduated from VCU. Kappa. Job? Check. Car? Check. College Degree? Yes times two (Undergrad and Masters). House? Check. Of course I am going to have to investigate the status of all these things (is the house in foreclosure or in his Mama's name, is the car really his, and I'm gonna need to see those degrees with transcripts). My sister said the only negative in him is he is a Kappa. Supposedly they can make more than them canes twirl around and they will leave you doing the most epic wall slide of your life....I don't care....he's taking me on date on Friday (McCormick and Schmicks....hello!) and hopefully this goes nicely. I am looking forward to conversation that DOES NOT center around the following: Facebook, Gucci Mane, Jordans, and a plethora of other ignorant mess.
  • Mad Men is this shit. No, really. I have already bought season two off Amazon and when I get paid I am buying season 3. When both of these arrive I will be holed up on my couch and not to be disturbed until I am finished watching. Whoever the writers are for that show, have gotten it right.....
  • CIAA next weekend....still debating if I am going. I have my room booked so I have a place to stay if I decide to. TallDrinkofWater is going with me and he has all the hook up on the parties (I checked him out he's official...he's been to a number of parties around here that are invite only and I mean REALLY invite only). There are really too many to name, but he said that we are going to Pusha T's day party, and some other NFL day party. As far as night parties go, it's either the one that Drake or Amber Rose is hosting. You know which one I wanna go to. Amber Rose. When I give up on penwus....it shall be her that becomes my girlfriend....lol.

Well I have a ton of work to do and I wanted to let y'all know I'm alright. SN: If I ever went missing I know that Red Velvet and Hollywood would be the first people to call the police.....love them!

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