Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open Letter

Dear Mama,

I just wanted to say that I am sorry for my behavior the last four months. I met this guy....and I thought he was like the second coming, but you knew better. You saw right through him and saw exactly what was going to happen. You weren't sleeping with him so you didn't wear the same rose colored glasses I had on. You called it. He's gonna stay here, run up your light bill and move on. Exactly what happened. I would never admit it, but you were right. There has not been a night yet that I haven't laid in my bed and thought, "My mama was right.". But again, since I didn't listen, I am facing some really tough decisions now, and as you would say, "Serves your ass right" lol. I am sorry I called you a "hater" (really? I turned into a 15 year old at that exact moment). You weren't hating. You saw your child headed for danger and you tried to keep her away from it. But instead I ran towards it. I am sorry for not coming to see you and making excuses because I wanted to be around "him" all day. That was a sucker move. But you know what Mama? I have learned this: You are my best friend (sorry Red Velvet and Hollywood...y'all are too but you get what I mean). For every time I am stumbled, you were right there yelling for me to get up. Anytime I wanted to do anything half-assed, it was you pushing me to do it over. You will never know what it meant today when you critiqued my first ever appeal letter and you said it was flawless. Even when I treat you not so nice, you are still there to cheer me on. I just want to say I love you and I promise to start treating you as good as you are to me.


Victoria ;)

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