Saturday, January 7, 2012

Against The Wind

This morning I did my first run of 2012! I did intervals and logged 1.69 miles and I feel amazing! Last night I was in a very sad mood, my best friend Red Velvet helped talk me down from the ledge. When I got up on the trail, I started running and I felt Every step I made I felt a little of my anxiety go away. All the aggression and frustration began to leave my body. Again,  I felt free!

After my run I headed to CHKD with Chunky, it turns out he has an ear infection. It took me by surprise because he is never sick and he hasn't been acting any differently. I'm just happy they caught it early and I didn't have to miss any work.

While I was in Walgreens picking up Chunks meds, I noticed that they were decorating for Singles Awareness Day aka Valentine's Day. This will be year number two without a significant other and I'll admit it, it sucks. So instead of sitting in the house mourning my singledom, I am going to do something special. I'm thinking of a tattoo, wine tasting, or dinner somewhere I wouldn't normally go. Whatever I do it will not be Facebook stalking my exes while hopped up on wine, Xanax, and self-pity.

The thing I am grateful for in my life is my friendship with Red Velvet. Who knew 16 years ago in English class we would forge a friendship that would span that many years? Yesterday when I was at one of my lowest points she gave me a safe space to annouce my fears and insecurities. This means so much to me because I don't have this kind of opportunity with my own family. We all need a person we can confide in without judgment or fear of an argument. She cheers me on whether I'm winning or losing. She is the embodiment of friendship.

Well I'm on mommy duty for the rest of my weekend, and I can't wait for church tomorrow. My spirit needs some MAJOR renewal!

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