Monday, January 30, 2012

Cloud Nine

Hey y'all! I have been studying like hell for my CCNA exam in March. I like teaching myself though, it leaves room for deeper exploration.

Remember how I said I would be spending Singles Awareness Day solo? That honey lamb, is no longer true! I am spending that weekend with J. It's looking very promising to be a great time. He has become my morning commute companion and I won't lie, I missed talking to him while he was on the west coast last week. So I know the question on everyone's mind and mine is, "Will J get some of this Hello Kitty?"* To be honest, I don't know, but I will have a shiny new who knows? But you know what puts me at ease, I know that if no Hello Kitty is given, J will not be calling me "wack"....well at least not to my face lol.

Today while grocery shopping, one of my worst fears came true. Miss Beasley has never been a fan of my ex-husband (that child knew he was trouble from the word "go") and I always feared that she would be the one to reveal to her brother his daddy was ratchet. I don't know what I'll ever tell Chunk in regards to his father being grossly absent from his life, but it wasn't going to be biased, just the plain truth. Chunk pointed at man wheeling his shopping cart passed us and said, "Daddy!" Miss Beasley replied, "That's not your daddy, mommy dumped your daddy because he didn't want to work." I quickly scolded her and avoided eye contact with the people who overheard. Though Chunky didn't understand the magnitude of shade that was just unloaded on him, I felt sad for him. He is growing up without his dad in a horrible way. How to I tell him that what his father was is the reason I said ENOUGH! I just hope he understands that every decision I made was to protect him and his sister's future. As far as men in his life he's not lacking. He has his Pop-pop, his barber, the next door neighbor etc. in Chunky's case it IS going to take a village.

Time for me to return to the wonderful world of networking before catching some shut eye. xoxox

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