Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Feel Good All Over

This has been a really wonderful week for me. I know I sound like some old softie, but J has really been keeping a smile on my face. He's very attentive and I like that. I mentioned that I was going to run the Rock and Roll marathon in Miami, and within 30 minutes he had picked a flight, hotel, and car. Talk about a man taking control....and he made sure that everything that was picked was quality. I think I'm liking the passenger seat, lol.

I am going for my Cisco certification in May and I am excited as hell. My mom is supporting me by watching my kids so I can really focus on my studies. I will also start
my adderall regimen so I can stay focused in class and really absorb what is being said.

Hi my name is Victoria and I am a runner. Running is like crack to me. It has replaced my love of wedding cake ice cream. I have solved my dilemma on where to run on the weekends. The local high school has a track and I am going to get some running in on Mondays and Thursdays. The rest of the week I am going to be in the gym. I want my body to be a beast by summer.

Things seem to be looking up for me. Is life a picnic everyday? No, but I am learning to find the beauty and humor in each negative so it turns into a positive..I had fun bowling with some new friends and I'm looking forward to church in the morning! xoxoxoxo

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