Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Right

I have gotten a CCNA cram guide and wooooo my head is spinning. I am waiting for my actual book to arrive so I am using this as a little intro before I delve in further. I'm pleased at the info I am learning. I come from a programming background, so this is new territory for me, but I got this.

I have made some positive changes in my life, starting with the way I think. For the last 3 years I have been in survival mode. I was so busy living day to day that I couldn't see any further than the next day. I have started saving for my retirement and setting a financial foundation for my kids. I used to be a beast when it came to money and I'm back on that mindset. I'm also feeling extra motivated. I am starting to see there is life beyond where I am. I don't have to stay in then"down trodden single mother" lane. The only way I will stay there is if I want to.

Can we talk about these insane dreams I have been having? Last night I dreamt of William from the show "Girlfriends." He was my boo y'all lol. You know what was different about this dream is that intimacy, not sex was the focus. Subconsciancially that is what I have been craving. I like orgasms as much as the next woman, but I am craving thag feeling of a man's arms around me, soft kisses in my most softest places, sex but with a connection.....then way it should be. That is why I'll be practicing abstinence for a while. I don't want a man who can just make my hello kitty feel good, I want to walk way knowing that our moment of intimacy meant something on both sides. It's hard but you can't put a price on dignity.

Time to unwind, it's been a trying week but God is keeping me. xoxoxo and stay blessed!

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