Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

I was having the most AMAZING day today! J and I had some hilarious, and thought provoking conversation this morning, work was insanely productive, I FINALLY got my stuff in order to start school. I come home to make what was gonna be a kick ass dinner water is shut off. This wasn't a total surprise, it was shut off yesterday, but you know I'm a hustler, I grabbed my pliers and turned it back on. But this time the came back and locked the meter. I felt.....stuck. I thanked God Miss Beasley went home with my mom. For tonight it was me and my sidekick, chunky. I'm not sad because the water is off, like I said I'm a hustler, so water will be flowing through this house tomorrow. What scares me that this is gonna be my life forever. As I sit here and type threw my tears, its time for me to let go of my selfish dreams. I'm not going to major in history anymore. I am going to complete my IT degree and call it a night. It's not what I want to but I need a career that keeps shit like from happening every 5 minutes.

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