Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Yesterday I sent my big girl back to school for her first day of third grade.  I don't know who was more excited, her or me.  This is a new school for her so I wanted to make sure she was comfortable.  I gave her her first ever press and curl and she got a new pair of pink and black Chucks courtesy of her Nana.  She was looking young fresh to death, and ready to learn.  The day seemed to be going smoothly, until 4 when I got a call that she never got off the bus. I damn near had a heart attack.  We are new here, she doesn't know the area, and I DID NOT KNOW WHERE MY CHILD WAS!  I just broke all the way down.  Frantically, I called the school.  They said that she was not there and the buses had not returned.  Hearing this only made me sob uncontrollably at my desk.  Next, I contacted the transportation office, the school, non-emergency, the school again, transportation again, and then the school again where they infomed me she was back at the school safe and sound.  I have never been so terrified in my life.  The thought of me not being able to find my baby made me an emotional wreck.  Hopefully today she will be on the right bus today.

On my way home yesterday, I picked up two slugs and one of them was the mother of one of Chunky's classmates.  We are now carpool buddies and the coolest thing is she is also from Virginia Beach.  She has been here for almost two years and is Team Single Mom like myself.  On our ride to work today we talked about what life is like being up here and being a single mom. She told me I was lucky I at least had a boyfriend to hang with (put a pin in that).  I told her I still get lonely because my boyfriend has his, ahem, own life.  We have made plans to hang out on Saturday, and I am happy.  I am gaining a small little circle of hanging buddies up here and I like it.  What I am really excited for, is Friday night.  While looking for something to do on Friday, I came across a place on U Street (my favorite place to hang) called Patty Boom Boom.  They serve patties and rum punch, but the best part is upstairs.  From what I understand it's reggae and dancehall alllllllll night!  I am prepared to get my life!!!!!!!  It is everything I love about going out.  Strong liquor and dancing until I am drenched.  People up here don't really dance when they go out, everyone is just standing around trying to look important.  I just want a night out where I dance my cares away, and I am going to get it on Friday.  Plus, I can do a little bar hopping at Marvin's and a few other places while I am down there. 

So far, things are going well here and I hope to keep the momentum going!!!

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