Monday, September 17, 2012

What Not To Wear

With my 24 pound weight loss, I have encountered a new problem. What in the hell do I wear? The last 5 years my wardrobe consisted of items that were meant to mask my muffin top and jiggly arms. Now that those are gone. I don't know how to dress for my new body. The last time I was this size (8/10) I was 25 years old. Everything I bought at that time came from Forever 21. I am 32 now, living and working in metropolitan city and I need a more chic, functional look. I won't front, I suck at putting outfits together. If it was up to me my wardrobe would be all skinny jeans, old navy classic tees and ballet flats or heels. But I am attending a lot of social gatherings and I want to feel confident about my outfit selections. I am researching if they offer services at these department stores to help me put together a lot. Some of my insecurities stem from not feeling like I look nice when I'm out. Skinny girl problems.....

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