Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things I Learned Today.....

1. I was the one y'all. It got cold, I got giddy, grabbed my boots and....whomp whomp whomp I was the one walking around in 80 degree weather with some damn boots on. It was a fail alllllll day! *puts boots back in closet*

2. My daughter:Chunky as Stewie:Lois. She's trying to kill him, y'all. She is not here for his shenanigans. If he's doing something dangerous she will cheer him on. She feels like he takes up all my time. To help, I am going to carve out more "Girl Time."

3. Bronzer is THE best thing that has happened to me makeup wise. It gives my look that extra "umph."

4. If you take the HOV to 395 North, and pass the get off for Franconia-Springfield, you cannot get off ANY where else!!!! I did this today and had to go all the way to the Pentagon and turn around.

It's been one heck of a day, I have a lot more to share, but your girl is BEAT!!

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