Sunday, December 26, 2010

If My Child Was On 16 and Pregnant....

So, I was sitting at the table tonight eating dinner with Chunky and for some reason the show 16 and Pregnant came into my head. Now, if you must know, this show is MANDATORY watching for both of my kids...yup the seven and one year old have to watch it. I make my daughter watch it because I want to show her how one bad choice can derail your plans. I always make a point to note to her that it is going to be hard for these young ladies to go to college (College is her life dream...she already has one picked out--James Madison). I give my son lectures on condom use and becoming a manwhore. I just want my children to make good choices. So any who, I was looking at my son drinking his little juice box and I started to daydream about him going to college and GRADUATING(Mama never did that and his daddy doesn't even have a high school diploma) but then all of a sudden, this popped into my mind. What if he makes it to that point and has to give up going to college because he wasn't responsible?? What would I do? My answer is this: take his fucking head off. Yup. Y'all read that right. Goes for Gabby too. I know now why my parents have "that" look in their eyes when I fuck up. I have sacrificed EVERYTHING for my kids. I have stolen and lied for them. I have worked day for day at jobs were my intelligence and integrity were insulted just so they could have a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs, and as a parent, all I want them to do is to get their education and be self sufficient adults. To my daughter: You have all the time in the world to have a boyfriend or husband....your education will never leave you or break your heart. To my son: Be a better man than your father. Don't end up 40 years old without an education mooching off of women. To the both of them: Be better than me. I wanna see you two fly......roots and wings my babies....xoxoxo

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