Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Really?

Oh really, day job? Y'all just had a major meeting on Sunday and nobody called me? But in today's meeting I am supposed to get all this major stuff done on short notice? Booooooo.....poor planning on your part will never create an emergency on mine. Ugh.

Have you ever had a text argument with someone and they are responding like they have an audience reading what they are responding, but they aren't showing the other person your responses? For example:

Me: Could you sign the separation agreement so I can get on with my life?

Ex-husband:I don't want you anymore. Put that on your separation agreement

Me: Ummmmm.....I put YOU out....because I didn't want YOU...but um...are you gonna help with your son's Christmas?

Ex-husband: I didn't lay down with your family. I laid down with you.

Me: *making the WTF face*

Really? I think his whole purpose was to evade the child support question. But that's okay. He should really know that I am not a, I printed out what I needed and turned that situation over to DSCE. Yup, turned his black ass into the "people". But you know what? I have been in that system for almost 6 years now, and I can tell you, that they work for the good of the father. My daughter's father is 18k behind. When I call and complain, they tell me they will send him a letter. You know what he is gonna do with that letter? Look at it and say, "I don't have it." Sheesh...I wish I could just say that and somebody else took care of my responsibilities. *Kanye Shrug*

Speaking of Mr. West, eventually I am gonna get to his album review, it's just tonight I am not in that kind of mood. SN: On a random note, my neighbors must be buffalo because they move around upstairs like it.

I have a full bottle of moscato in my fridge, but to be honest, after Crazy Bitch showed up, I am scared as hell to drink a glass. I might....but then again I might not.

Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be 7. I cannot believe it has been seven years since she has been born. I remember bringing home this little screaming bundle that gave me a run for my money. She turned into my best friend, and me and her grew up together. She was there for some of my happiest and proudest moments. I remember looking at her when she was a baby and wondering what she would be. Seven years later I would have never guessed she would be a smart little girl who loves to read, draw and has dreams of being a veterinarian and an artist. She has made me so proud and I am so glad I am her mom and she is my daughter.

Well, I have decided to have a small glass of moscato and then turn in.....I'll let you know if Crazy Bitch shows up.....but what I am really looking for is some consummation from "My Friend". He and I have had a good hasn't been tense like it's been the last couple of days....xoxoxoxo

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