Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Return of Crazy Bitch and Snow? I Think.....

Oooooh what a morning it has been!!!! The Good: They are calling for lots of snow, and they canceled school and it was optional whether or not if we wanted to come to work. The Bad: They called for snow and canceled school and I had 4 diapers left in the house and 0 dollars to my name. This caused the Crazy Bitch to show up in all her glory....I just remember being real mad (Joe Jackson), ordering my children to get dressed and taking Chunky to Food Lion with NO shoes on (he had on socks). You know why I was mad? Because I had to do something illegal to get Chunky's diapers. I will not say what, but I think we can all gather. It makes me so frustrated that I am stuck here making these hard ass decisions, like whether or not I want to go to jail and risk my clearance over a 6 dollar pack of diapers, but my ex-husband and daughter's father are out there living life carefree. If I had a gun, I would have probably drove to Hampton and shot my ex-husband in the face on sight. But then again who wins there? You know what the bad part was? The "Friend" was here. Watching all of it. He judged me and told me I don't care about my kids. Well, I guess that is easy to say from behind a laptop perched up on the couch....My point is this: Until you have been a single parent with an uncooperative baby mama/daddy, then you can't make judgments.

Since I will be locked in this house most of the day, I will more than likely work on reviewing Kanye's album, smoking cigarettes, and sleeping when I can. Good day! xoxoxo

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