Saturday, March 17, 2012


My weekend is coming to a close and I must admit I had some much needed relaxation. J and I cooked together tonight. He took me to this really nice grocery store ( I and it was EVERTHANG!!! The supermarket had a restaurant/wine bar in the middle of the store and they had a crazy meat section. We found these huge chicken, beef and vegetable kabobs and we got the rest of what I needed to make my pineapple upside down cake. We got home and J threw down on the grill. He did his thing, I should have been paying attention to how he started that fire so fast. Last year my little attempt at grilling was a nice run, but starting the fire was straight up struggle.

These next upcoming weeks are going to be interesting. I FINALLY got running shoes, so I am going to kick it up a little more. I also realized I am attracted to ANY run tracking software. I love looking at my workouts stacked against each other. It has been cool watching my progress over the last two months.

It's been another great weekend.....I'm liking this :)

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