Thursday, March 1, 2012

Showing Your Hand

PMS is no damn joke. Today I had what my sister and I like to call a "Mariah Carey moment." To explain, a Mariah Carey moment refers to the time she went batshit crazy on MTV almost performing a striptease with her Hello Kitty boom box in tow. FYI I don't think there is anything funny about public nervous breakdowns, but you catch my drift. She had reached a crazy point in her life and didn't care who saw. Ladies and gentlemen, today, J witnessed his very first hormone laden Mariah Carey moment courtesy of me. We were talking on Facebook chat and I was feeling all warm, fuzzy and emotional and I told him I missed him. He didn't respond and y'all in those five minutes I just balled up inside. So, now I'm feeling sorry for myself and messages back that I was sorry (?) maybe that was too much too soon. Chile, he responded for me to relax he had just stepped away from his computer. Em-barassing. The PMS fairy won that round. She succeeded in making me look crazy in 10 minutes. I was mad at myself, who apologizes for their emotions???? That is what 1996-2011 Victoria did. Anyway this is the exact reason why I avoid people before my period. All that raw emotion is too much!

Other than sounding like Babyface on Facebook chat, I haven't had much excitement other than studying and working out. I am proud to say I am down five pounds and my clothes are fitting better. My natural hair journey is going well, I am loving the connivence of being able to wash my hair in the morning. I also like that when it rains not two darns are given because if it rains my hair will be fine.

That's all for now! Xoxox

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  1. LoL! That was cute! I'm sure it wasn't in the moment. I've found myself after almost 11 years of marriage quick to speak when I don't hear the answer I feel I should, all to be embarrassed about overreacting. Sometimes it could be a matter of, they simply didn't hear you. It happens to the best of us! I sometimes miss my TWA phase of my natural hair journey. It was so easy to wash my hair, condition, and go! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog! :)