Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Banana in the Tailpipe Shennanigans

On Friday I got a Facebook message from Chunky's dad informing me he had sent 100 dollars to money gram for Chunky. What made this unusual is I have not heard from this man in almost a year and he is almost 7k in arrears in support. I rolled my eyes and went about my business I had a gut feeling shenanigans were going to ensue and I was correct. He also sent an FB message to my mom and she got all hyped like his daddy was about to stay in his life. No folks this grown ass man involved me in bald headed reindeer games. I go to money gram and guess what? He refunded the money back to himself. The day he sent it. I can't y'all. I sent him a tidy message informing him that I know what he did and to not contact me anymore. I don't have time for this shit. What bothers me the most is his disregard of our son. Who does shit like this and why? Ugh.....

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