Friday, July 27, 2012


Maybe I am too sensitive for a relationship.  No, real talk.  Today J and I were talking, and I started talking about taking Chunk to see the Giants and we went into some back and forth about the Giants and the Eagles.  So then he says, " I gotta get off the phone with you."  I thought he was joking.  That was until I heard the busy signal in my ear.  I was madder than a muthafucka.  I called him back let him I know I felt some kind of way and he said it wasn't like that.  I am not gonna lie my feelings were a little hurt, and they are still a little hurt.  Trust and believe I have a sense of humor, but damn.  He'll be gone this weekend and so will I so I will have time to do some thinking about this relationship, for the last time.  I know relationships are work, but I think my sister said it best, "If you are having some kind of issue every week, it's time to let go."  If something that small is setting me off then it's time to re-evaluate.  Let me reiterate....I hate being a grown

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