Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Six....

Or the Yellow Line....same difference. Today I reached a breaking point with the traffic. I was beginning to grow tired of the soul sucking commute (DC traffic is REAL y'all!) so I decided to take the metro to work and I EFFIN LOVE IT! It just felt good to not have to fight the traffic. The ride back home was dope. So I am now in possession of a SmarTrip card and I'm taking the metro everyday. This also means I catch up on my reading on the way to work which is a huge plus.

Yesterday's events gave me a lot to think about and for some reason my relationship came across my mind. I remember when I met my ex husband he was my EVERYTHANG y'all. Then the more I discovered the more I didn't like. By that time my foolhardy tail was already married to him. In an effort to have a man I didn't take a second look. I didn't ask fact finding questions. I let red flags go unnoticed. The lesson I learned was to never be afraid to walk away if you don't like what you see. You get what you buy. All of my soul searching last night led me to the conclusion that it's ok to state what you want. I have always been hesitant in relationships to call a flag on the play. There was always this voice saying, "If you confront him he may....leave you." To that I now say, "So what?" This doesn't mean talk reckless all the time, but don't be a doormat either. Last night I got my priorities in order and things that were in the top five got bumped waaaay down and some things that were at the bottom got moved up. It's crunch time. I did not come up here to fail. The mission was to craft my IT career, not boo love. My future and my kids are in the balance and I can't take anymore chances. So the heat has been turned up and Miss Page is going harder....stay tuned!

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