Monday, July 23, 2012

It Wasn't Even My Birthday

Last week was J's birthday and boy did I work on putting that evening together. When we first started dating J always took me to places I'd never been or heard of. Every date was an adventure. So I decided to repay the love and take him somewhere new. Now this was NOT easy because J has lived here 10+ years so he has seen it all. I googled and yelped until I found a Japanese fusion restaurant called SEI. He had never been. YAAAAASSSSS!!! The food was amazing! We had good conversation and drinks and then headed home so he could have some birthday cake, take that how you I enjoyed my time with him and I loved surprising him.

Remember how I was really homesick when I got to DC? Yeah I think that has passed. I was in Columbia Heights on Friday and I was noticing all the places to eat and shop and I got all amped that I was finally here! I almost threw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore!

Not much else to report, just more homework and writing.....xoxox!

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