Monday, January 7, 2013

Street Life

Plush interior
Trying not to stare
Beach Girl
Not used to the
Flashing lights
Mama I want a D Boy
At least that's what I
Whispered under my breath
Curiosity leading me
Calling me to slip sway
To the other side of the world
Where black Acuras shined bright
Gold fangs flashed crooked smiles
Chains swung
And we
Wanted that
Riding around
And getting it before it was popular
Riding shotgun in a whip
The heavy words of Mobb Deep
Blare through the speakers
The smell of Mary laces the air
Admiring my too long nails
Nail tricks by Seneca, Pinky
Happy to experience it all
But in what would seem
Like an funeral that would never end
Handsome men I once chased
Now in one place
Living high numbers
Girls with promise
Shining eyes and optimism
Gave way to hardened hearts
Broken promises to live a Biggie video
Reality sat in
Ten years later
Ten years too late

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