Thursday, January 3, 2013

ADD Life

Amongst my imperfections is on little friend I like to call, ADD. I was originally diagnosed in 1988, but my mom declined to put me on Ritalin and for duration of my adolescence I had a hard time in school with focusing and staying on task (it was a running theme throughout my school career). Then as an adult, it got REALLY bothersome. I worked in ADD hell aka a call center and I just could not stay in my seat! A large part of my job required that. Lets not even discuss college. I have been to five colleges and I have nary a degree. So, fast forward to now. I am trying to build my IT career and I am in need of some certifications that are going to require all of my focus so about three months ago I saw a doctor and FINALLY got some Concerta, and y' and night!!!! If I had this focus in high school....sheesh! I have been doing well taking it everyday and then I just stopped. I don't know if it was because I was on my chantix regimen I stopped, who knows but I have seen a huge decline in my productivity at work and then today I went to count my pills and between November and December's bottle I had....32. That means I have not taken my medicine in a month. That can't happen. School starts in a week and I need my job. So starting tomorrow I am going to take it everyday like I should.

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