Monday, October 29, 2012

Glass House

Tonight I am going to tell the tale of living in a glass house and throwing a torpedo.

I have a "friend", that met a guy who in my opinion and based on the stories she would tell me did not really like her. He told her often he didn't want a relationship with her and I would see her upset about him. So I'm not gonna lie, I got on my high horse about having a "real boyfriend." In the last two days my mouth has been shut wide open. We are in the middle of a hurricane, and I came home yesterday ( we are roommates until Wednesday) and he was there with ALL his emergency preparedness stuff. When I got up this morning he was helping her put on her rainwear so they could walk her dog and he brought walkie talkies so the could keep in touch ( yeah I know). Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am struggling to get my kids in the car and they are both giving me the "poor unfortunate single mother look." J already let me know there wasn't gonna be any hanging at his house because he wasn't trying to hear a two and eight year old disturb the peace, so we are riding it out just the three of us. J facebooked me to see if I made it to work safe and that was about it. The point I'm making, is I spent all this time passing judgement on someone else's relationship, and mine isn't all that perfect either. I'm not even allowed to tell people who my man is and I will never forget one time before a friend of his came over he told me he was going to just "treat me like a friend" because he didn't want him knowing I was his girl. So, the next time I get ready to throw that stone, I'll be sure to look around....

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