Monday, October 15, 2012

Leave It All Behind

I feel like I have no blogged in forever, and so much has happened, I don't know where to begin!

Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students about my career in healthcare and how I got there. I was surprised at how open I was and I was really surprised by their multitude of questions. It helped them realize that healthcare is so vast, and it made me realize, that even on an administrative level, my job is important. That day, I also started my first day of my CCNA certification class. It is supposed to prepare me for my exam which I am taking in January. My day was going soooo well, that I decided to hit U street with one of my Meetup friends. This is where shit went left. We had a ball at Marvin's soaking up the atmosphere, then we headed to Patty Boom Boom to dance. I was having a ball, until this asshat decided that he needed to touch my cakes. I understand that it's tight in the club but this was not a "bump-into-you-by-accident" type thing, this was grope. I turned around and told him, using some colorful language not to touch me. His response? "Stupid bitch!" and then it happened. He threw half of his damn drink at me. I'll let y'all absorb that for a minute. All I know is I was cursing like a crazy person while my friend dragged me away to the other side. I was hot. I wanted to hit him, throw my shoe, kick him in the nuts...anything. I was angry and humiliated. We left and got in the car and as I pulled down the visor to check my makeup in the mirror, my friend lamented that worse could happened, hell this is DC. True, but it was just too damn much for me. Does this mean I'll stop going on U street? No. I wasn't in the wrong, but I will be cooling my heels until my birthday.

The next day, I decided to check out a church that one of my carpool buddies recommended. Let me tell you, the church is BEAUTIFUL!!! They had so many interesting ministries, a well organized children's ministry ( I can listen to the WHOLE sermon!!!) and the bookstore was dope. I was ushered to my seat and the praise and worship segment was wonderful. I began to praise God for how far he has brought me and the more I thought about how the Blood has and will cover me I began to thank Him even more. The pastor came up and said, "There is someone who wants to be saved right now..." y'all that person was me. It was on my heart. For the first time in a long time I have everything I have wanted but I still felt empty and you know why? I fell out of relationship with the one who made it possible. I have been so busy trying to keep up with world, I forgot who I serve. I made my way to the alter with tears in my eyes and as I walked it felt as if every burden had been lifted. All that baggage and misery just melted away. I hugged the pastor and cried on his shoulder. It was a purging moment. I let go of all hurt, pain, and disappointment. As I stood and others joined me at the alter I looked on my right, and I there was a friend that I had not seen in years! We hugged and cried at that alter! It was a moment, and I was so happy to see her! What was funny was I was going to call her when I was on my way there but I remembered seeing she was taking a cruise, and I thought she was still on vacation. It's funny how God works. The whole day was beautiful. When I got home, I had a terrible migraine, I took some medicine and laid down. I told J some of what happened the night before, but we kept missing each others calls. He called and facebooked me while I was sleep. When I finally woke up, he was at my door. He was worried and drove over to check on me. Sweetest thing, ever. It was nice of him to make sure I was ok, and I will add him to the list of people I KNOW are gonna come looking for me if I ever come up missing.

Well, tomorrow is another day, I have a little rebound headache so I am headed to bed!

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