Monday, October 8, 2012

Meetings, Asthma, and Potty Training

Today I was supposed to be off, but an opportunity presented itself. My manager invited me to a meeting regarding the creation of a new position within the department. It went very well, and I am over the moon about what the future may hold.  Of course, I did not have a sitter with such short notice on the holiday, so J stepped in and watched the kids during my meeting. I was grateful for that because this meant a lot to me, and it showed me that he supports my career. The kids like him, and that says something, because after my ex-husband, my daughter liked no one.

Speaking of my daughter, this weekend was a doozie. The transition from summer to fall is always a hard one for an asthmatic. Early Sunday morning, we were preparing to go to church and I noticed she was struggling really hard to breathe. I gave her one breathing treatment and her lungs still sounded like a squeaky rocking chair. I gave her another one and no progress. Immediately, I put her in the car and we rode to the children's hospital. I was nervous because she has never been to any other hospital but CHKD, so I didn't know what to expect. The staff at Inova were wonderful! The nurses and the doctors took very good care of her and eight hours, two breathing treatments, and oral steriods later, she was as good as new.

As far as my son goes, I cannot believe he will be three next month. It feels like Injust brought him home from the hospital. I think it is safe to say he is on the road to being poty trained. I have not bought pull-ups in two weeks!!!!!! The only down side is I am washing bedspreads and sheets every other night because he not completely night trained. It's okay though, whatever it takes to get him using the potty.

I am gearing up for my visit this weekend to a Yoga retreat. In preparation, I have been doing more research on silent retreats and what others experiences have been. I am also working on becoming more organized in my life. I am proud of myself for keeping up with my budget and creating a filing system to help me keep track of various projects I have going. Most of this new found zeal for being organized can be credited to me restarting my ADD medication Concerta. It has really helped me stay on track at work and it amazing how well I follow through with my day to day job duties. There was a time, if something was delegated to me, you could pretty much ensure that it wasn't going to get done. I would get the assignment, push it out of view , daydream, and forget about it until someone asked me about it, and then the scramble would begin. The only downside is my appetite has disappeared. I have lost a substantial amount of weight and while I like it, I don't want to look emaciated. I have incorporated smoothies and fresh veggies ( sugar peas and carrots are my favorite) to keep fuel in my tank. I'm hoping that evens things out.

That's all I have for now.......peace and blessings!

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