Friday, October 26, 2012

Sense of Humor*Updated*

*I need glasses....the game isn't until the 18th....I'm looking real crazy right now*

God has a sense of humor and I'm laughing along with Him! So earlier, J told me he was going to the Skins vs Eagles game and I didn't think anything of it (G-Men ALL day!).....until, I saw the date they play: 11/11. I'll let y'all marinate on that. For those playing along at home, that is my birthday. Well, damn. I can't be mad because he's sitting damn near on the field and no normal person would turn that down. So I guess the only Birthday Sex happening around here is a solo mission. It's funny to me because I have been thinking about my walk with God and, um....I am 100% sure fornication is not okay. So basically, God said, "Ma'am, no." It's okay because my friends will be here, so Miss Page won't be lonely. What am I talking about? I have two kids I won't be lonely until 2027,lol.

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