Monday, December 31, 2012

Do You Know What Today Is?

Today is the last day in 2012!!!! Looking back, 2012 was a good year for me. This year I learned how strong I actually am and possibilities are only as limited as you make them. What makes today extra special though, is today will make one year that J and I have been together. Who would have known a year ago during a date at the Smithsonian, I would find the man who made me comfortable enough to let down the emotional guard that had been up for too long. I am glad for once, I did not let the bitterness of the past completely shut me out of something that turned out to be better than good for me. He kept me encouraged during my quest to relocate to the DMV, and he kept me motivated when I felt like giving up. We have had some ups and downs and there are times where both of us felt like throwing in the towel, but there was always something that kept us together. In the last few weeks, our relationship has experienced a few major changes, but I am not worried, because I have a feeling we will make it through it. J, thank you for showing me that good men still exist, loving me for who I am, and finally for putting up with my Mariah Carey moments, lol.

Everyone be safe no matter what it is that you decide to do tonight and for the love of God, don’t drink and drive! Here is to a prosperous and happy 2013!

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