Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am giving up on going to bed before 10.....tonight's culprit was my need to study for my economics class and finish my paper. I am too busy this weekend to do it, so I have been staying up late the last two nights to work on it.

This upcoming weekend is going to be straight hotness. My aunt is having a HUGE cookout on Saturday and then I'm going to the Black Girls Run Reunion on Sunday. I'm hoping to meet some new people and maybe even get some runs going in Springfield.

Lately my skin has been going nuts but I have found that dabs of my mud masque help shrink any breakouts. I am going to break down and buy a clarisonic. $150 is steep, but not bad because it delivers results.

You know what I love about DC? There is no shortage of ways to get around! Today, I had training in Arlington and I didn't want to pick up slugs, but I didn't want to sit in traffic...you guessed it! The Metro! I love it. I'll be happy when Miss Beasley starts back to school because I will be on the metro daily. I like when someone else does the driving. Most of all I like that I have options!

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