Saturday, August 18, 2012


Today has been a busy day! I haven't mentioned it here, but when I came to DC, I left a lot of stuff in storage. Since I am now settled in Springfield it was time to get ALL of my things up here. Again, J stepped up and coordinated the move from my storage to my house. Him and our friend moved every thing in the truck in an hour and I got lots of thinking time driving back in the uhaul. Today J did a lot of things that let me know I have a winner on my hands. First, he had plans to go to a bachelor party tonight. The move ran long and he missed it, and didn't complain. I appreciate his selflessness because I have dated a few that would have chunked the deuces near party time. The second thing was he drove the goonies back while I drove the uhaul (I live for doing bad ass stuff like driving a 17ft truck). I have driven with my kids and I know they can be rowdy, but J took it in stride. The bottom line is I got to take a good look at what I have and I like it. I am going to remember this day when I want to start a war over a missed phone call or a late answered text. J showed up and was the man when I needed him and that is what matters.

It was weird looking at the empty storage space. It was my last tie home. It was my safety net. If I didn't like it here, no biggie...majority of my stuff was back home. Now, I'm all in. It felt final, but good.

After the move struggle it's time for Miss Page to relax and enjoy what's left of my Saturday.....

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