Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Upacking, Work, and Hitchikers

I am tiiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeddddd!!!!!  But it is for a good cause, J came over last night and we had good time.  I missed him to pieces while he was gone and it was so good to see his face.  We had a long conversation about his trip and I caught him up on all the things that have been going on with me.  What I did realize that night, was for all the hooping and hollering I do, I saw last night that J, is here for Miss Page.  Sometimes it is the smallest acts that let you know that someone is on your team.  I think last night , I unpacked one of my many bags......

My job is going well.  I have said many times that the hospital I work for now, reminds me of the old health system that I worked for. I like my co-workers, and what I like best is everyone's willingness to work together.  We had a staff meeting, and for once in my life it was not a complain fest.  We worked toward solutions to problems in our department, instead of just pointing fingers. 

I told my sister about my recent foray into slugging and she had this to say: "Girl, you are essentially picking up hitchikers!!!"  That sissy of mine!  I did have a good laugh about it, but I let her know I am still going to do it because I cannot do the traffic from Duke St onto 14th Street.  Since I have been picking up slugs, my commute anxiety and fustration have gone way down, and I am not racking up late pickup fees from the SACC.  It's working for me, so I am going to keep doing it. 

Breaks over, time to get back to work......

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  1. That's awesome! I've always hated going to B*tch sessions at work. I love when you can actually work towards solutions with willing participants. lol!

    Glad things are going in a good direction with Mr. J.